Unicorn Strike: Occupy Web Site Features Controversial Image Promoting May Day Activism

In the realm of political movements, contentious imagery and rhetoric can be found from various groups, including the Occupy movement. The website hosts an image that has stirred controversy for its symbolism, featuring a unicorn and a police officer. The image, labeled "General Strike," was created as a promotional tool for Occupy's upcoming May Day events.

Notably, the police officer in the image has the word "work" written on his pants, and the unicorn displays the acronym "W.S.A." on its left rear leg. It is worth pondering whether "W.S.A." stands for the "Workers Solidarity Alliance," an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian organization that advocates for working people to create a society based on solidarity and self-management.

The Workers Solidarity Alliance outlines its perspective on capitalism, emphasizing that it is a system of oppression where a small class of capitalists controls economic assets, leading to the subordination of the working class to the capitalist and bureaucratic classes. They assert that capitalism denies people control over their lives and prioritizes profit-seeking over safety, the environment, and workers' well-being.

While the image is indeed disturbing, it is not an isolated instance of provocative content associated with the Occupy movement, which aims to address wealth inequality and the influence of the so-called 1 percent.

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