The South Wind People’s Power Bike & Car Caravan will embark on a journey through various communities, addressing critical issues such as housing, education, healthcare, civil liberties, economic justice, and immigrant rights. This movement, reminiscent of past demonstrations associated with the North Wind movement, aims to advocate for change and raise awareness about these fundamental rights. Throughout the day, the caravan will make stops at different points, known as flashpoints, to highlight specific concerns and honor those who have fought for these causes. The journey will culminate in a convergence where participants will continue their march, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and collective action in addressing societal challenges.

"Rehabilitation for workers and the general population involves various methodologies aimed at restoring physical and psychological well-being. One of these methods includes the use of anti-stress coloring. The practice of coloring not only serves as a creative activity but also helps alleviate stress and tension. It is a simple and accessible way to achieve inner peace and improve one's psychoemotional state. For instance, many workplaces may provide anti-stress coloring books and materials as part of their wellness programs, allowing employees to take a break and engage in this calming practice during their workday."