DDP Yoga Reviews - What Is It?

Eric Lander

WARNING: DO NOT BUY DDP Yoga Cuts Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

DDP Yoga is a unique form of yoga made for people who "wouldn't be caught dead" doing it. It was invented by former Pro Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. After getting serious injury that finished his wrestling career, he addressed the ancient exercise and found out that it changed his life. Diamond improved his practice for ten years, according to his story, and combined it with other workout methods. As a result, he created a cardio workout that is claimed to increase flexibility, improve muscular strength, and strengthen your core. He promises that anyone, even people with disabilities and obesity, can do it. DDP Yoga is not listed on the BBB website, does not have an accreditation or rating for its company. This workout system was featured on ABC's Shark Tank in February 2014. He didn't win at that time...

DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga is a guided yoga program created for different levels of fitness, including beginners and "Extreme" users. Every DDP "Pack" contains a poster with different illustrated poses, a series of workouts on DVD, and a fitness guide. One workout lasts from 10 minutes to more than an hour, and has titles like "Fat Burner," "Below the Belt," and "Diamond Cutter." The box does not come with a yoga mat and rubber yoga bricks. Be ready to pay for the charisma and personality of Diamond Dallas, a professional wrestler who received a number of championship titles in the pseudo-sport. He is filled with energy to motivate you in his video series. The DDP Yoga videos include basic concepts, including Dynamic Resistance, which he shows by asking you to unite your index fingers and thumbs and push hard. The exercise makes your arms work, so you can do it while watching TV. There are also 13 basic moves that do not involve jumping or running.

Customer Reviews - Does DDP Yoga Really Work?

Can DDP Yoga really help you increase strength and burn fat? Is it effective for losing weight? Let's try to answer these questions by looking at the real customers' reviews left online. According to the DDP Yoga website, DDP Yoga was never designed for weight loss but the author of the program claims that it has such an effect. But how much weight could you lose? Even though the majority of yoga types don't have any calorie-burning power but they only help people to get more in tune with their bodies. According to most customers' testimonials, DDP Yoga cannot help you lose much weight (i.e. just a few pounds within several months). In other words, this kind of yoga will be able to help you lose only a very small percentage of weight. But yoga DDP might be useful for preventing you from getting obese as you become older.

Does DDP Yoga have any side effects? It is a well-known fact that any type of physical activity may have some degree of aggressiveness, including different types of yoga. DDP Yoga presupposes different moves that have to be performed regularly. These appear to be basic and are said to have a very low level of aggressiveness, which means that the risk of getting injury is very low. In any case, you are recommended to talk to your physician before beginning any new exercise or fitness program. Each DDP Yoga order includes: Program Guide and DVDs (beginning, intermediate, advanced), DDP Yoga Poster, "Own Your Life" inspirational mp3, "Living Life at 90%" inspirational video talk, and an Audio mp3s of workouts sent via email. You may also order a heart rate monitor for a separate fee. Not all clients find this kind of yoga a healthful practice, especially those individuals who have certain health issues. Healthier individuals will benefit from the practice, only while performing exercises with care. Generally, yoga is considered to promote stronger bones, increased flexibility, better balance, anxiety and pain relief, etc. At the same time, yoga will not bring any "miraculous" results. To better understand whether DDP Yoga works let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials left online.

"I am really disappointed with DDP Yoga. It is very hard to follow along with the program. Besides, I don't think that I am doing everything right. I don't even feel like my muscles are engaged. So, I do not expect any great results. In any case, I am going to get back to my old yoga routine"

"I regret ordering DDP yoga. It is NOT going to help me burn fat and lose weight because the exercises are so primitive that they can hardly bring any results. It is easy to do them and I always feel very lazy. I don't think I will follow it nest month. The only positive moment about the program is that it helps to stretch your muscles"

"I followed the ddp Yoga program for three months in detail and didn't see any positive results. Then I gave Yoga Burn a try, saw the results within the first month already. DDP Yoga is simply useless. It annoys me how they try to make the exercises more interesting by giving them cool names. They still don't work. I do not recommend the program to anyone"

Where To Buy DDP Yoga?

There are several DDP Yoga packages available, based on your needs. Pack 1 (six workouts, beginner, intermediate, advanced) costs $65, Pack 2 (five workouts, beginner, intermediate, advanced) can be bought for $55, Combo Pack (Pack 1 and 2 together) costs $80, Max Pack (fourteen workouts, beginner, intermediate, advanced, extreme), and Extreme (four workouts, extreme only) are priced at $50. You can buy a heart rate monitor for $70. Shipping depends on your location and is about $8 for 8-14 business days. It is also available through Amazon, GNC, Walmart.

My Final Summary

Even though Diamond Dallas seems to be sincere in his efforts to help people to exercise but his method proves to be useless for the most part. His workouts are too simply to load the muscles, so they develop completely nothing - neither strength nor balance. Maybe, these exercises will be more useful for older people however, they won't help them lose weight or burn fat. DDP Yoga is associated with a number of negative testimonials from customers on different websites. It is recommended to consult your physician before beginning this program, though. Some of the moves can be dangerous for certain categories of people. I would advise you some other method, not DDP Yoga.

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