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DoFasting is an online company that offers a fasting guideline and promises to give you a personalized fasting strategy depending on your health goals. The company's website claims that they take into consideration your weight, diet, and lifestyle to create a custom plan to help you make important, yet simple changes in your routine. Their goal is to benefit your health. In addition to using your eating plan, the company also uses the concept of intermittent fasting. This is a specially timed fasting method but is it a smart way to eat? We are going to find this out by ting a look at the facts behind this concept to help you determine if DoFasting a good program for your health.


Customer Reviews - Does DoFasting Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The first thing you will have to do is to sign up for DoFasting, then you will take a 60-second quiz that will help the company to determine your fasting agenda per day. In this quiz you will select your gender, age, the time of day you are the most hungry, whether you usually cook or eat out, what you know about fasting, the timing of your daily meals, and whether fasting is possible for you on weekends. The quiz will also specify your level of physical activity, how often you work out, your working hours, how demanding your job is (mentally and physically), whether you have any medical conditions and whether you want to lose weight. All of your information is directed to the company and you will soon see your recommended fasting plan on the website. It will include the prediction when you are expected to achieve your weight loss goals, whether your BMI is healthy, and how many calories you should consume daily. You will also learn whether fasting is suitable for you based on your personal situation and health conditions.

If you like your predicted results, you can buy a customized fasting plan. According to the company's website, it usually takes about two hours for a nutritionist to learn your information and create an individual plan for you. If you don't get your plan within two hours, you are suggested to check your spam folder and log onto your account through the site's myplan page. At the time of writing this review, we were unable to see a customized fasting plan or contact the company to find out what exactly it includes. But we have taken a look at numerous customers' testimonials available online. Based on the company's FAQ page, the fasting plan includes a meal guide, an eating plan itself and a daily recommended calorie intake. DoFasting recommends drinking plenty of water, though tea and coffee are allowed in moderate amounts. Sugary drinks are banned. You are also suggested to pair your diet with a regular exercise routine.

Before moving further it is vital to find out that intermittent fasting if and how it works. According to Gabrielle Mancella, a wellness dietician from Orlando Health, this kind of fasting is based on isolation of the eating hours to a restricted period of time. It can range from any time and depends on your goals. At present, intermittent fasting is a popular fitness trend since it doesn't require changing the food you eat. There are numerous variations of intermittent fasting but the most common are 16-hour fasts. You may even fast for 24 hours once or twice a week. Gabrielle Mancella says that this method of fasting gives your gut a rest promoting full digestion and better absorption of the nutrients you are consuming. It helps to maintain the proper size of your stomach to control your portion sizes. Let's check what real customers of DoFasting saying about it.

At the time of writing, the number of independent reviews about the company online was limited. Most of them came from the official website of the company. It is known that half of users gave the service four stars, and about 20% gave it one star. Based on these comments, many customers reported that they were disappointed with the execution of the service, while some of them found their diet plans quite effective. There was a complaint that the company offers too easy eating plans that are not worth the money they cost. They tend to suggest 16 hours of not thinking about food, while the biggest part of nutrients is made up from proteins. Proteins are responsible for making you feel satiated longer. A number of critical reviews referenced limited eating options for customers to choose from.

One woman reports that the information given on the official site was misleading. She thought she was paying $1 per week for the application and would be charged $66 after one year. The customer found out that she was charged $66, not $1. So, she went straight to the application ratings and learnt that most people were unhappy with the application. Some of them were asking for their money back. The client thinks that this app needs to be shut down. Another lady bought the 12-month plan but she did not get any confirmation text to access the app. The woman emailed the developer and has her code sent via email, but that code turned out to be invalid. So, the customer emailed the company again asking for help; however, she has not received a reply. Finally, the woman requested a refund and she is still waiting for it! Here are some more customers' testimonials from third-party sites.

"I paid for the DoFasting app and wanted to get the confirmation code but they did not send it to me. I have requested five times without any result. I emailed and called them but still nothing. I have been in contact with the company via email and I am following the instructions but the installation of the app is impossible without a confirmation code. A few days ago, I requested my money back but again nothing. The customer service is non-existent."

"I am not pleased with DoFasting. The company gives misleading advertising. The currency is not stated in the price and it is shown the same in different countries, which misleads consumers. The company needs to state the currency or have it automatically converted for different countries. Besides, it is impossible to install the app without a code! I have requested my money back! Be very careful with this company and their app."

"DoFasting does not do the job. I paid for an app that does not work. I received a fasting plan from 9PM to 4PM next day. Then at 10PM it resets itself and gives me a new eating time: from 7PM to 1AM. I have already contacted the company with e-mail but received no response yet. Read the customer reviews before buying your app."

Where To Buy DoFasting?

At the time of writing, the service cost $29.99. You can make this purchase on the company's official website only. The company claims that it is a one-time payment that provides you with the access to your meal plan. If after buying DoFasting you decide it isn't good for you, you can apply for a partial refund. To do this you will need to contact the company within two weeks of purchase. The return process can be initiated by calling at (315) 215-0872 or writing at or.

My Final Summary

Based on our research, we don't think you should buy DoFasting. First, we haven't learnt much about the details of the fasting plans because the company does not provide these details. When we tried to contact the company, all of our attempts were unsuccessful. The company contains a number of self-published reviews on the site. The brand doesn't seem to be offering an easy way of modifying your health goals after you pay for the program. We suggest speaking with your dietician or doctor who will be able to develop a proper eating plan for you depending on your goals, state of health and lifestyle. Taking into account all drawbacks of this app, we would not recommend DoFasting!

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