Cybergenics Iso-Test Reviews - What Is It?

Eric Lander

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Cybergenics Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Cybergenics Iso-Test is a natural product designed for those men who would like to enhance their testosterone production. Manufacturer Cybergenics is quite popular among bodybuilders, but it is unclear how this supplement works to treat erectile dysfunction and problems caused by low testosterone production. The company also produces other products, for instance, those meant for people who would like to get rid of fat and to lose weight. The manufacturer also promises its users gaining more physical strength. Cybergenics offers product called Thyro-Slim designed for weight loss.

There is an official website which offers very little information on the product Cybergenics Iso-Test. In fact, it doesn't even offer an opportunity to order the supplement online. The Cybergenics website is quite scarce and gives very little information about the supplements offered by the company. The email address given on the website is linked to the company known as Truly Huge. All this seems very strange.

Ingredients of Cybergenics Iso-Test - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Cybergenics Iso-Test contains not many ingredients, but it doesn't mean that the product is bad because very often supplements contain unnecessary ingredients. Cybergenics Iso-Test is mainly used by bodybuilders who usually have problems in their sex life. So, what are the ingredients which can increase testosterone production?

Cybergenics Iso-Test

The main ingredient is Eurycoma Longifolia. It's an herbal extract also known as LongJack or Tongkat Ali. It has been long used by Asian medicine and is aimed to solve many sexual issues. Cybergenics IsoTest is claimed to boost testosterone production, increase stamina and sex drive. Surprisingly, but this ingredient is only known for its ability to increase sperm production and enhance sex drive. And there's no evidence of its ability to increase testosterone levels.

Stinging nettle is an herb that has been used by different cultures for many years to treat almost anything from allergies to male health. It is the root of the plant that it used to enhance prostate health, but no studies have proved that it can influence sex drive or testosterone production.

Dimethyl chrysin is another ingredient of Cybergenics Iso-Test. It is a flavonoid from the Passionflower that can prevent testosterone from transformation into estrogen. And it does increase testosterone levels. When chrysin is injected into the testicles the effect is the best. But it is almost not absorbed when taken orally.

The last ingredient of the product is BioPerine that is involved into the protective process known as glucuronidation. It takes place in the liver. During this process, molecule glucuronide is attached to supplements and drugs to signal to the body that these substances must be removed from the body with the urine. It is good protection from overdosing. BioPerine interacts with chrysin to lower estrogen levels and increase testosterone levels in just 30 days.

BioPerine is also able to decrease body fat and enhance metabolism. Unfortunately, I failed to find any information about the dosages of this ingredient necessary for grown-ups. It's difficult to characterize the ingredients of Iso-Test without such important information. Sometimes manufacturers use a very low dosage of an active ingredient simply to save money.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Cybergenics Iso-Test has very mixed customer reviews on different websites. It seems like it is mainly used by bodybuilders even though the main goal of the product is to increase sex drive. No doubt that testosterone is very beneficial for bodybuilders but, in fact, none of the ingredients have been proven to cope with this goal in a proper way.

The manufacturer doesn't provide any information concerning possible side effects, so I had to look for it on other sources. As the product contains natural products, the possibility that the user will suffer from any unwanted or bad side effects is very low. However, they may occur and the most spread one is an upset stomach. Let us look at the ingredients of Cybergenics Iso-Test and find out if they can separately cause side effects.

Eurycoma longifolia is safe when taken by mouth in medium amounts for no longer than for 9 months. Stinging nettle is also safe when taken by mouth no longer than 2 years. But it can result in excessive sweating and stomach complaints. According to some evidence, this ingredient can decrease blood sugar levels and develop diabetes. For this reason, it's extremely important to monitor your blood sugar while using Cybergenics Iso-Test. Stinging nettle can lower blood pressure in people prone to this symptom. Kidney problems may occur seldom due to the ability of stinging nettle to increase urine flow.

To my mind, the product is not effective because it isn't able to solve the problem of low testosterone completely. The dosage of ingredients is unknown which means that the product may carry potential dangers for your health.

"Useless. All it did was give me an upset stomach and the runs. Don't waste your money"

"Blood was present in my urine after 3 days of use; urine clears after 4 hours from last dose"

"This product is pure junk. It's a total scam. Please do not buy it, at least try and look up the company that makes this"

Where To Buy Cybergenics?

Cybergenics Iso-Test is not available on the official website, so one has to look for it from third parties and this can be a problem. It's advised to deal only with reputable online retailers, for example, Amazon. It's impossible to buy the product from brick and mortar stores. It seems like it can be bought from a company called Truly Huge. Many customers have informed of the difficulty to get their money back if they aren't satisfied with the product. 30 capsules of this supplement cost $30.

My Final Summary

Cybergenics Iso-Test is a testosterone booster for people who are going through the aging process. But I don't think that Cybergenics Iso-Test can take proper care of your health because this supplement has a lot of drawbacks. The company has very little information on the product. You will need to take the pills for a long time before you experience any improving. It's very difficult to get a refund. Iso-Test has many negative reviews and it is hard to buy the product.

Still, Cybergenics Iso-Test has some advantages. It contains an ingredient that is an aphrodisiac. The manufacturer is rather popular among bodybuilders. It is completely natural and based on powerful ingredients. However, I cannot recommend Cybergenics Iso-Test as the modern market provides other effective products.

Affordable Alternative

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