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ClassPass is a fitness program designed to provide the user with diverse exercises every day. After buying a monthly membership, you will also get access to classes at one of the studios in select cities. The program offers more than a thousand classes for you to choose from including Pilates, yoga, barre workouts, cycling, strength training, dance, bootcamps, or any other fitness style that suits you. The program costs you $99 per month, and renews on the same day that your membership began automatically. Signing up doesn't require a long-term commitment and can be cancelled anytime, according to the company. To sign up, attend site and request an invite. Soon you will get an email with further instructions. Once you have signed up and paid for the membership, you will be allowed three classes per month. You can start visiting them whenever you want. However, your membership will require your reserving of a spot in any of the classes to make sure there is enough room for everyone.

If you don't know any class that will suit you, you can go to the ClassPass homepage and choose your city. You will see an interactive map that will show you all fitness centers available in your area. You can also click the "list" icon for available options. You can reserve your spot in class via the ClassPass mobile app. To do this, click on any of the fitness venues, choose the class you want to reserve, press the "reserve" button, and confirm your reservation. You don't need to attend any printed vouchers, just take your photo id when you arrive. New classes get available every day at noon, and are usually available a week in advance. It is recommended to sign up earlier if you want to ensure a spot in a desired class. You may need to check some venues during the day.

Customer Reviews - Does ClassPass Really Work?


If you want to stop your membership, you can either cancel it completely or put it on hold. The latter action will cost you $19 per month, but you can still use it for one class a month. It will be suitable for you in case if you have enjoyed your membership, but you can suppose that the next few weeks will be very busy. To put your membership on hold, write to email three days before your next billing date. You won't need to pay for reinstating your regular membership when you wish to return. You can also cancel your enrollment at any time, even though you will need to give fifteen days notice. If you cancel your membership but you will ever want to start up again, you will have to pay a $79 reactivation fee.

There is a great number of customer reviews about their experience with ClassPass. The customer reputation appears to have a mixed character, which means that there are both positive and negative testimonials. What people don't really like is that the company only offers one membership level for $99 per month. It gives access to three classes in your city and works out to about $33 per class. Based on the cost of the classes in your town, that may be expensive or at a small discount. Actually, the value of fitness depends on your preferences. What customers like about ClassPass is the variety! They get hundreds of classes and new places every week. There is no need to take cash with you in order to attend a fitness class. What is not so good is that you have to pay for classes in advance, which can be too expensive for some customers. Secondly, there is no guarantee that you will be able to attend the classes you have paid for.

The program allows scheduling workouts at the beginning of each week and lets you know what you will do and that your spot is saved. One customer writes in his review online that he had used to love ClassPass and had been a member for a few years. He liked the fact that he could attend unlimited classes for $100. But then they increased the cost to $180, which was upsetting for him. Then within a year they he had to pay $105 for just ten classes, which was even more frustrating. They kept changing their structure and created a points-based system. It means that if you get fewer credits you will be allowed to do fewer classes each month. The initial system of the company has been completely ruined. ClassPass has changed for the worse, that's not fair. This loyal customer is truly disappointed. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"I emailed the ClassPass customer service to ask them change the start date of my cycle. It was set to the 24th, but I wanted to change it to the 1st. The representative of the company said that I would have to cancel my membership and re-start it on the 1st. Even though I did not agree, the rep canceled my membership. I can no longer attend my fitness classes. I complained but I have not got a response from the customer service for a few days already. This is unacceptable"

"I have just realized that Class Pass have been charging me all the time after I signed up for a month trial only. It was not mentioned that I needed to cancel the membership, no receipts sent, absolutely nothing! My credit card was charged $200 and it would have been more if I hadn't checked it earlier. This is a dishonest company. I do not recommend it to anyone. It is better to attend a traditional gym"

"I am a Classpass member and I faced a problem booking a class at Barry in SF during the weekend. So, I contacted their customer service via email but I haven't been answered. After my fifth email they said that I could not book a class. In the end they said that I could book it directly from Barry bootcamp website. I cannot understand why they kept silent for so long. Is it a big problem to answer one question? Very poor customer service!"

Where To Buy ClassPass?

The cost of ClassPass classes may vary depending on what you choose. People in the New York metro area can choose from three membership tiers: unlimited monthly classes for $190, ten classes for $125 or five classes for $75. The same options will cost new members $75, $135 and $200 respectively. The product isn't available on Amazon, GNC, Walmart.

My Final Summary

ClassPass is associated with a great number of disadvantages. The service is only available in select cities (49 in the USA). Your choices may be limited by locations and times. The most popular classes are usually filled up in less than a minute, so you will hardly be able to reserve a spot. Three classes per month is too few and not enough for a serious individual. ClassPass classes cannot be transferred to friends. The cancellation rules are irritating and strict. There is no chance to make last-minute reservations, even with available slots. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend ClassPass.

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