Insanity Max 30 Reviews - What Is It?

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Insanity Max 30 is Shaun T's latest fitness program that promises to help you get the shape you have ever dreamt of. It claims you can succeed over the course of 60 days, with no need to use any equipment or weights, within just thirty minutes per day. For you to achieve this uneasy goal, the program offers you 160 new moves, as well as low-impact modifiers for each move, that help you gain the shredded, lean, and insanely ripped body. The program has an official website that is not very professionally made, though. It claims that the program is rather tough but Shaun T spent months figuring out a way to get customers through it.

Insanity Max 30 offers you an excellent opportunity to push your limits. If it sounds like your cup tea, you should be aware that the program includes 12, 30-minute cardio and tabata strength workouts across on ten DVDs. There is one very important condition you should stick to while using the program. During each workout, you will need to push yourself as hard as you can and as long as you can. After you have reached your limit, you will be able to note your "max out" time, and try to extend it the next week. You should be proud of your achievements even if they are not considerable. Let us take a look at the parts of this program.

Ingredients of Insanity Max 30 - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Insanity Max 30

In this part of the review we are going to discuss the constituent parts of the Insanity Max 30 fitness workout program. With this said, here are the workouts included into it. Month 1 includes the following workout. Cardio Challenge is a 30-minute cardio workout that may be the hardest one you have ever tried. Tabata Power presupposes 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off tabata strength training exercises. Sweat Intervals involves a lot of sweating, screaming, calorie loss. Tabata Strength is like Tabata Power, but it has no breaks. Friday Fight: Round 1 - you will need to push yourself as long as you can before maxing out. There are the following workouts in Month 2. Max Out Sweat increases the number of calories burnt during the workout, so you will need to workout as long as possible before maxing out. Max Out Cardio includes Cardio exercises and power moves that promise to provide you with the crazy cardio workout. Max Out Power is very much the same as Tabata Power from Month 1, but it comes with 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off intervals. Max Out Strength - 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off intervals emphasizing your arms, chest, shoulders, and core. Friday Fight: Round 2 is like Round 1, but somewhat harder for you to check it up how long you can last.

As you can see, the manufacturer of the program provides detailed information on what you are expected to do. The only drawback is that you will need to do all the exercises on your own. According to the official website of the program, Insanity Max 30 is suitable for anyone, but I think that it is too hard and intensive for some categories of people. It promises to lose more than 30 pounds over the 60-day course. But what can be expected from Insanity Max 30 in reality? To answer this question, let us take a look at the real customers' reviews found online.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As we learned in our 10-Week Focus T25 Challenge, Shaun T offers really intense exercises in his program that seems to focus on individuals who are already in a decent sports shape, but who would like to make their muscles stronger and more distinctive. For others moves may be too difficult to perform. Our research showed that even the participant who was already in good shape, found many of the moves rather. Although the program is said to include alternate moves, it was not always true, which caused some frustration. If you can't do the moves, it can negatively influence your motivation. This should be kept in mind when choosing the appropriate fitness program. Another concern about Insanity Max 30 is that it may not be perfect for weight loss. None of the Challenge participants lost more than a few pounds within ten weeks, even though some people felt that this kind of fitness improved their inner look, and that their muscles have become slightly more defined.

While sticking to the program you will need to mind your nutrition, especially if your goal is to lose a great amount of weight. But even if you just want to achieve a ripped physique, pay attention to what you eat, how you eat and how often. You can benefit from different cooking guides available on the market. Staying motivated with Insanity Max 30 is very important, even though the workouts last for only 30 minutes.

Overall, the customer reputation with Insanity Max 30 appears to have a mixed character. Some users have left very positive reviews online, while others are unsatisfied with the program at all. The average reputation on is about 4.5 stars. Some of the most common compliments reference the program's effectiveness, the time of the workout of just 30 minutes, and the modifiers that can be easily seen. At the same time, some of the most common complaints referenced ineffective workouts, different recreations of older moves and that the moves are too difficult to perform. The company behind the program is called Beachbody, LLC. It is based out of Santa Monica, CA, and has more than 230 closed complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The most common of them appear to reference recurring charges. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews left online.

"Insanity Max 30 does work but this program will destroy your knees! It will not just cause you much pain but the damage will be long-term. I am in decent shape but now I walk like I am 90 years old! Now I can't ride a bike, which I liked so much. I need physical therapy desperately for my knees. I do not recommend this program at all"

"I am disappointed with Insanity Max30 and the videos. This guy is all over the place, he does exercises with no coordination and no instructions. I am not sure whether I do the moves correctly and I cannot differentiate some moves from one another. I feel fool just jumping around until the video ends! It is certainly not worth the price it costs"

"I like Shaun T's workouts, so I was excited to try Insanity max 30. But I have recently ordered my second kit because some of the DVDs from the first kit skips and freezes throughout the workout. I contacted the company for a replacement DVD, but because I bought the kit through Amazon, the representative of Beachbody told me to contact Amazon for a replacement. As a result, I had to repurchase the entire original kit. I received the second kit really fast"

Where To Buy Insanity Max 30?

Insanity Max 30 costs $140. It can be also received for three monthly payments of $40 plus $20 shipping. In addition to the workout videos, you will also get a "no time to cook" guide, a starting guide, wall calendar, nutrition guide, and fitness tracker, and two bonus workouts: Ab Attack: 10 (a 10-minute routine for abs) and Pulse (a low impact workout that features pulsing and stretching movements. If you send in your before and after photos you will get a free Insanity Max 30 t-shirt. The product isn't available on Amazon, GNC, Walmart.

My Final Summary

Insanity Max 30 is a fitness program that has a very mixed reputation. Many people find the program too difficult to perform, while others are not satisfied with the instructions provided by Shaun T. The only positive feature is that the program comes with a 30-day refund policy. Many people say that they did not face any positive weight loss results. Some customers complain that they discs freeze and do not work properly. It is very frustrating. With this said, it appears that Insanity Max 30 is just another "middle ground" program. I think it is not worth trying and spending a lot of money. I would recommend you choosing some other fitness program available on the market.

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