Vega Sport Performance Protein Reviews - What Is It?

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The Vega Sport Performance Protein is a supplement for vegans which was developed by an athlete, Brendan Brazier. It claims to support people who are committed to keeping to a diet which is based on plants only. The producer of this product states being a vegan himself which was the main factor that made him to create a system that vegans and vegetarians can use at home.

Vega Sport is the supplement which claims to offers an entire sport performance system which is able to support sportsmen.

It promises to level up your protein for the next-level performance. It also claims to be able to build and repair strong muscles as well as reduce your recovery time with Vega Sport Performance Protein.

Ingredients of Vega Sport Performance Protein - How Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Our aim is to learn which ingredients can help you in achieving the result that the supplement claims to have. To have a clear picture of the possibility to work as it was stated we need to look at the ingredients of Vega Sport closer.

Vega Sport Performance Protein

Let's start from the first ingredient listed at the official website of the product.

Pea protein is likely to help you in muscle building but it can cause the following side effects: weight gain, decrease in kidney function and joint paint. You'd better consult your doctor before taking a decision to try this supplement.

The next one is Pumpkin seed protein which has nothing to do with the effects the products promises to have. Besides this this ingredient can have negative consequences for men causing ejaculation problems according to WebMD.

Organic sunflower seed protein - seeds can be rich in protein and be a good source of fiber and some vitamins. But consuming it for a long time may lead to unwanted effects like weight gain, excess sodium intake. There are other dangerous effects like kidney damage caused by phosphorous toxicity, selenium toxicity can lead to selenosis, fatigue and irritability and even death if you exceed the prescribed amount of this ingredient. So you should think good before trying it.

Alfalfa protein - this herb seems to prevent cholesterol absorption in the gut. However, taking it for a long period of time can be unsafe. It can become the reason of the reactions which are similar to the autoimmune disease which is called lupus erythematosus. The most common side effect is making your skin too sensitive to the sun.

Tart cherry - is usually used as a flavouring, according to WebMD it is not known whether the dietary supplements which include this ingredient are 100 % safe.

There are also different probiotics, Bromelain, Turmeric and Black Pepper extracts which can have not very dangerous side effects but still not pleasant at all. They are nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea and dizziness.

The supplement also includes the following ingredients: powders of Strawberry, Apple, Beetroot (used for color), Sea salt, Natural vanilla flavor, Natural berry flavor, Citric acid, Stevia extract, Xanthan gum. All of them play the secondary role and can cause allergic reactions. There are no ingredients which perform the functions claimed by the producer. Some of them have slight effect and are likely to work in the necessary direction but they have many harmful side effects and are not as effective as it was claimed.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects

The supplement can cause a lot of really dangerous or at least unpleasant side effects. You should consult your doctor before taking the supplement which hasn't been confirmed by the clinical research. There many people who have already regretted buying this product and shared their negative experience with us. Here you have the possibility to read the reviews of real users of Vega Sport Performance Protein.

"What can I say about Vega Sport Performance Protein? Nothing positive! I had so many side effects that I have never thought I can have from the well-advertised supplement from the famous producer. But the reality differed from my expectations. Maybe it will work for you but it didn't work for me!"

"I have chosen this product VegaSport Performance Protein because I thought that all-natural supplements can't do harm. I was mistaken because the side effects were horrible though I must admit that I had some slight effect at first"

"I can't say that I liked Vega Sport PerformanceProtein. There were no results for a long time and I spent a lot of money which I could spend on something else. I had a temporary result which has disappeared immediately when I missed a couple of days taking Vega Sport Performance Protein"

Where To Buy Vega Sport Performance Protein?

The supplement can be purchased online only. You can find Vega Sport Performance Protein at the official site when you can contact the representative and order the product or to look for it at such sites as Amazon, GNC or Walmart where it costs about $60.

My Final Summary

After having made the research it became clear that this supplement is not a revolutionary one at all. It looks like many other similar products from the same group which are cheaper than Vega Sport Performance Protein. Moreover, it is not very effective and can cause you more harm than benefits. It is up to you to decide whether you need to try if it work for you or not but I'd rather recommend you to choose another product which has some evidence of being proven by FDA or some medical research.

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