Weider Prime Reviews - What Is It?

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WARNING: DO NOT BUY Weider Prime Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Weider Prime is claimed to be a healthy testosterone-boosting supplement that uses a combination of minerals and vitamins, as well as different natural plant extracts. It intends to increase testosterone levels in the male body by providing your body with the necessary nutrients. As a man gets older he starts suffering from a hormonal imbalance, which may lead to unpleasant symptoms, such as an increase in body fat and reduced muscle mass. The product can be bought at different online retailers, making it easy to obtain. It seems that some retailers only ship to the addresses in the United States, thus it is simpler to buy the supplement if the potential customers stay within the USA. Before we focus on the ingredients of the product let us take a look at the manufacturer.

The manufacturer of Weider Prime holds the product's name. The official website does not provide the company's address, which is the first red flag. There is only a contact number and an email address. From the contact number, it is clear that the headquarters of the manufacturer are located in the United States. The product's landing page provides no terms and conditions or other important links either. The website links to a full list of ingredients and provides some details on the potential benefits of the formula. Some studies are also mentioned, as well as graphs with information on some possible effects of the major ingredient in the product on muscle strength and testosterone levels. The product makes four vital claims about its benefits for the male body. It promises not only to increase testosterone production, but also to enhance physical performance, provide an enhancement in nutrient absorption and burn body fat.

Ingredients of Weider Prime - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Even though the company presented Weider Prime on the market in 2013, it is still not on the top. As it was already mentioned, the supplement works by providing the human body with a variety of vital nutrients that play an important role in testosterone and energy production. The formula contains a range of plant extracts, according to the manufacturer's claim on the official website. Some ingredient can speed up the process of reducing body fat but the company does not give its name. Lastly, this formula includes an extract that can increase the bioavailability of other ingredients in the product. We have found information on the primary ingredients in Weider Prime. The major one is Diindolymethane. It has been added to help with the hormonal balance, regulate estrogen levels and prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Diindolymethane can be naturally found in the human body, mainly during the digestion process. It contains indole-3-carbinol, the nutrient that is believed to balance estrogen and testosterone levels in the human body. Its anti-cancer benefits are under a big question, though. This compound may beneficial in the prevention of cancer.

Weider Prime

Ashwagandha Extract has been shown to influence muscle strength. One study took eight weeks during which each participant received a 300mg dose on a daily basis. After the study was completed, the group of participants had a significant improvement in their muscle strength. Unfortunately, this ingredient may have some health restrictions. Cordyceps Extract is an ingredient that was extracted from a wild fungus. It has different health benefits and is even used to decrease body fat. It is reported to works by building muscle mass and increasing caloric burn. This component is initially grown in the high mountains in China. It has been used in the treatment of male sexual problems, chronic bronchitis, liver disorders, anemia, and dizziness. Cordyceps can have anti-aging effects and control high blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, this ingredient is badly studied and needs more research.

Piperine is a compound that has no health benefits on its own, but it needs to be combined with other substances. It can increase the body's ability to absorb the other ingredients included into the supplement. This ingredient also has tumor prevention antidepressant, and immune-suppressing properties. Some other nutrients included in the Weider Prime formula include vitamin B6, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, zinc, calcium, and chromium. But these ingredients are less important when it comes to the effects of the product. The major drawback of all of the higher described ingredients is that their amounts are not provided on the site, so you never know what effects to expect.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

This Weider Prime supplement is said to utilize natural vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts, but this does not mean that these ingredients cannot cause side-effects. Having studied the comments and reviews about the supplement, we have found that some customers have suffered from certain side effects. According to users, the most common ones included stomach upset, bloating, and sleeping troubles. It is a well-known fact that each body can react differently to the same ingredients, so it is up to you to decide whether you need to buy this product, even after reading about its side effects. Ashwagandha Extract contained in Weider Prime may not be the best herb for people with active inflammation. Inflammation does not refer to a molecular mechanism, but it is issue when cardinal signs are present, i.e. swelling, redness, heat, and pain. If you are interested in the product, you probably want to find out how this testosterone booster has worked for other users. Many of customers' reviews are negative. Common comments are related to the absence of noticeable benefits even after using the product for a few weeks. Other reviews mention that there are other more effective testosterone boosters available in the market. Let us take a look at the opinions regarding this testosterone booster.

"I took two capsules of Weider Prime with dinner and I felt dizzy before I finished eating. I also experienced a slight headache that lasted all night. I had these side effects after my first dose and I decide not to take the product any more. I have never get headaches because of medications"

"I am almost through my first bottle of Weiderprime and I noticed a boost in energy. I was quite pleased with the supplement but then started having loose bowels. They were almost uncontrollable. I stopped taking the drug for a few weeks and took again. I had the same reaction. I tried doing so several times but every time it started again. I am very disappointed, as I was happy with the initial results"

"It seems like WeiderPrime should be stronger. This supplement doesn't really have much effect on me but I don't know what. Do I have different body chemistry? Besides, I suffered from such unpleasant adverse effects as diarrhea and nausea. I do not recommend this product to anyone"

Where To Buy Weider Prime?

Weider Prime can be purchased directly from the official website of the manufacturer or from some retail stores, for instance, Costco. The product's price depends on the retailer you are buying it from. Each bottle contains a two-month supply, which seems to be an affordable solution. A 120-capsule bottle of the supplement can be bought for about $28.99.

My Final Summary

Weider Prime is associated with a number of disadvantages. The product can only be found online. It is not as effective as advertised on the official website. The product is recommended only for adult men. The supplement has a relatively high price when compared to the products of the kind. Many users do not even feel any positive results after using Weider Prime. The fact is that there are other testosterone boosters on the market that prove to be more effective and safe. You are advised to choose a male enhancement supplement that is made by a reputable company. With this in mind, Weider Prime cannot be recommended to usage.

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