Nitraflex Reviews - What Is It?

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Nitraflex is a new pre workout supplement in the form of powder. There is an official website that claims this is a powerful and effective product. The company behind the supplement is called GAT that stands for German American Technologies. This is a German company that manufactures a number of other similar products. However, their official website is not very informative which makes it difficult to learn what ingredients are added the their products or how they manage to work.

The manufacturer promises that Nitraflex is able to enhance the effectiveness of your workouts, grow the muscle and intensify your physical performance. The product is said to combine strong ingredients in the formula which are meant to make your pre-workout performance more effective. So let's see whether their claims have a chance to exist by looking at the main ingredients in the supplement.

Ingredients of Nitraflex - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As a matter of fact the manufacturer of this supplement doesn't say much about the ingredients in the GAT Nitraflex formula. It makes me think that they are trying to conceal the content of the product from potential customers. They may be even dangerous and harmful. These can be the ingredients which may potentially cause an allergy. Or the components may be combined in the wrong way. Nitraflex is made up of proprietary blends each of which targets a unique aspect of workout intensity. Let us have a closer look at each of these blends.


The Vasoactive Arginase-Regulating NO Precursor Complex contains a number of amino acids including L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. Those amino acids are able to convert to Nitric Oxide at varying rates, according to the manufacturer. It is also promised that NO is also responsible for increasing vasodilation, providing your muscles with energy and increasing the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the muscles. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of any clinical studies or research conducted with the use of this Vasoactive Arginase-Regulating NO Precursor Complex.

The Acute Energy, Focus, Intensity, Neuromodulating, Endurance Complex is another proprietary blend that uses amino acids mainly to enhance vasodilation and increase energy levels. It also contains Rauwolscine, a herbal ingredient that is said to increase energy, too.

The next proprietary blend in the product is known as Clinically Studied Testosterone-Enhancing Complex. This blend contains Boron that is often used to increase the amount of testosterone. However, this complex works for healthy men only. Men with some health conditions might not benefit from the complex and even feel certain side effects. The Clinically Studied Testosterone-Enhancing Complex also contains Beta Alanine which is said to fill your muscles with energy. But it is often associated with such a side effect as a tingly feeling. Some people find it unbearable and may refuse from using the supplement.

GAT Nitraflex is the product that is mainly marketed to bodybuilders and lifters. Due to the high risk of experiencing side effects, it is recommended to start taking the supplement with a small dose at first (half a scoop). If your body doesn't experience any adverse reactions, gradually increase the dose to the whole scoop. This will help you to build up the body's tolerance to the product.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Nitraflex does not focus on possible side effects or adverse reactions of the product. It doesn't mean that the supplement is free from any negative issues. The matter is that some of its ingredients are chemical which significantly increases the chance of experiencing side effects. The product may carry certain potential dangers for your health. Nitraflex doesn't seem to be a Testosterone booster, as it does not influence the levels of testosterone in your blood. It is a simple pre-workout supplement that is designed to energize the user's body before a workout.

As the supplement contain 325mg of caffeine per serving, you are at high risk of experiencing worsening of your heart disease, increasing of blood pressure and worsening of some psychic conditions. Another component of the supplement is niacin that can also cause a tingling sensation and flushing. These feelings can be very uncomfortable. Do not take Nitraflex in combination with other products containing creatine. This can be extremely dangerous for your health. Creatine makes body tissue absorb more fluid, while caffeine draws a ton of water out of your body increasing urination significantly. As a result, you may experience a terrible nausea and headache. For this reason, you should avoid taking both of these compounds at the same time. In any case, you should drink a lot of water throughout the day. If you need to take both of these components, take one in the morning and one in the evening. There are many negative users' reviews about Nitraflex. Some of them tell about receiving an expired product. Here are some of the reviews.

"I cannot rate this product high. My Nitraflex arrived in a clumpy and hard form. I was not able to use it as directed on the label, thus I had to break it up and then smash it to get powder. I am unsatisfied with this product."

"After I opened the sealed nitraflex bottle, I was truly disappointed with what I saw. It was not powder but the stones. These were big rock stones in the bottle, so I decided to return this product back to the company."

"I haven't even tried Nitraflex. I opened the bottle but it was too hard to use. I tried to break those stones with the help of a fork but I failed. I posted the picture of the product on TeamGAT twitter but I haven't got a response yet. Very sad."

Where To Buy Nitraflex?

You can buy Nitraflex online or at GNC. The 30 serving tub costs from $32 to $48. This may last for about two months. Amazon or Walmart may be selling the product cheaper.

My Final Summary

I don't think that Nitraflex is a worthy pre workout supplement because it has a number of drawbacks. The product may cause a number of side effects and adverse reactions. It doesn't always seem to work. However, it is available on many retail stores and is not very expensive. Honestly, I would not risk trying this product. If you are a beginner lifter, avoid using this stuff. It is not just a cup of coffee but it can turn out to be a harmful product.

Affordable Alternative

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