Maxi Climber Reviews - What Is It?

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The Maxi Climber is a climber machine that works in a vertical position and promises the user to burn more calories than an exercise bike does, and twice more than that a treadmill does. Are these claims true? How often should you work out on this trainer to get success? What do you need to know to see the best results? In this review, we are going to take a look at the design of Maxi Climber, real customers' reviews, its price point and other important information. Before answering these questions it would be a great idea to take a look at who manufactures the product. The company behind Maxi Climber carries the same name. There is a postal address of the company on the official website: MaxiClimber 150 Stewart Parkway Greensboro, GA 30642.

Speaking about its design features it is necessary to say that this vertical climber allows you to engage the same muscle groups engaged when you are rock climbing. This fitness equipment can be combined with your workouts in the gym. You are going to use your own bodyweight as a form of resistance. It is said to be quite challenging and effective but you will need to have high indoor ceilings to be able to use the pull up bar and to train your biceps and back effectively. Maxi Climber allows you to engage major muscle groups of your body. The device features isometric grips and an adjustable solid steel frame, which offers a wide range of motion. Your muscles of the upper body are engaged to a high degree. The Maxi Climber offers a cardiovascular workout with bodyweight training. Its price; however, is not as low as desired.

Customer Reviews - Does Maxi Climber Really Work?

Maxi Climber

This is said to be a unique piece of equipment, which is why it can be difficult to find ways how to use it. You are expected to experience a cardiovascular and resistance workout at the same time. But it will be challenging to support the traditional three sets of ten reps. The motion is continuous during the whole session, which maintains constant tension on your arms and legs. The device itself recommends relatively short workouts with sessions as short as 10 minutes, but for better results you are advised to perform the exercises quite frequently. You can start from three times per week and gradually build up to six times per week. If you wish you can use the device every day and even two or three times a day. I was not expecting anything from the console feedback, and the fact that you can scan between calories burned and step count is something that is available on most steppers available on the market. The positioning of the console on the device could be improved. Even with shorter height settings, you are unable to see the screen hidden away in a recess without any backlight. Thus, the only function of the console is for checking your step count at the end of a workout. It can be used as a measurable goal target for performance monitoring and future workouts.

According to the official website and on TV advertising, Maxi Climber allows you to burn more calories than using a treadmill or stationary bike during one hour. There is no indication of any scientific studies to support this claim. No test conditions are mentioned either. It is also not mentioned which method of measurement was used to monitor the amount of calories burned on the device. With treadmills and elliptical trainers at the same price range we can easily see these data. This is vital because it allows you to enter your age, bodyweight, and sometimes gender. This information is needed to calculate the number of calories burned. But even with this information in the console the reading won't be 100% accurate, since there are many physiological factors to be taken into account.

There are not so many Maxi Climber reviews on third-party websites despite the fact that this piece of equipment has received so much media attention. Well, there are both positive and negative opinions from real users of the device that has climbed its way to the top of the bestsellers among stepper machines. Despite these claims of the manufacturer, Maxi Climber reviewers gave the product average overall rating. Not all people are happy with the performance and quality of the machine. One customer reports that it was working well but after having this device for five weeks it did not roll up or down anymore. The reason was the fact that rollers started peeling off, which prevented them from rolling. There are only 30 days to return the purchase. The woman feels very disappointed. Another customer reports that he was excited to try this device. He works out five days a week and he is in decent shape. After he used the machine for the first time, his knees hurt badly. The impact on foot is too high, to the man's mind. He is sure that foot holders should have some type of hydraulic shocks to absorb the impact. People who are taller than 5'7" are too tall for this device. Here are some of the actual customer reviews available online.

"Maxi Climber has poor quality, as it has begun to fail after seventeen days of use. It survived only 17K steps and 2.5K calories of use. The plastic rollers are not able to handle the friction. I have attached the photo and the log showing the use from Day 1. I weigh 185 pounds and I used the product less than 20 minutes a day. $200 for 17 days is too much for this machine!"

"I bought MaxiClimber for my girlfriend on June 2nd 2017, and she loved this machine at first. But then, after two weeks, she noticed that the right pad was broken. The quality of the trainer is not as good as advertised! My girlfriend had exercised for only fifteen days and 30 minutes per day. It cost around 400 calories per that period of time, while she is around 100 pounds. Because of such low quality, we are going to return it. This machine is worth no more than $100."

"I don't hate the workout with Maxi climber, but I have only used it for about 1500 steps and was shocked to find out that the right pedal is wobbling like crazy and the wheel inside is on its way out. I don't slam the pedals all the way down, so I am not guilty in this problem. I was going to use this machine a lot this winter and now I have faced a huge disappointment. Waste of money."

Where To Buy Maxi Climber In Stores?

The original patented vertical climber called MaxiClimber can be ordered from the official website of the company or from some retail stores. The manufacturer sells the machine for $199 plus tax. The price of the device on Amazon is $169.99 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Maxi Climber I don't think that this climber machine is a good option for those who want to burn calories, lose weight and shape their body. The product has a lot of disadvantages. The console doesn't provide accurate feedback. It is poorly positioned for keeping track of feedback when you are using the machine. You can see only your totals after the workout is completed. It may not be easy to assemble for some people. The machine actually does not provide a full body workout, which means that you will additionally go to the gym. Many users are disappointed with the low quality of the machine, saying that some of the details loosen after a few weeks of using. The product is claimed to be overpriced. You will need to place Maxi Climber in a room with tall ceiling to work out comfortably. Another drawback this machine has is that there is no way to increase the resistance. It means that there is no way to progress in your fitness level. On the other side, the vertical design that folds down to a compact size is rather convenient for home with limited space. With all this in my mind, I cannot recommend Maxi Climber as a worthy piece of home fitness equipment.

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