21 Day Fix Reviews - What Is It?

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21 Day Fix is a new workout program hosted by fitness expert Autumn Calabrese. It promises to help you achieve your weight-loss and fitness goals in a fast and simple way. Actually, the program is claimed to help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days with the help of one 30-minute workout per day. It is hard to believe, but let's continue researching the product. I see, the program needs to be used in combination with a low-calorie diet. 21 Day Fix is produced by Beachbody, LLC, which is based out of Santa Monica, CA. Other products of the company also include ChaLean, Focus T25, P90X3, and Derm Exclusive.

21 Day Fix

The company holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, but it is associated with 100 closed complaints. Most of them reference ineffectiveness of the program and billing issues. The program was released in April 2013, and despite being on the market for more than four years, the product is associated with few positive reviews. At the time of writing this review, online testimonials were limited to bloggers who had advanced copies of the program. But most of these reviews were primarily negative. Let's check what actual customers think about the program by taking a look at their reviews further.

Customer Reviews - Does 21 Day Fix Really Work?

According to the official website of the product, most diets are not effective because dieters get tired of eating the same food every day and training in the gym for hours. 21 Day Fix is said to be a workout program that promises to "break the cycle" by offering one 30-minute workout per day and portion control. The program can be used by women and men of any fitness level and age. It includes six workouts across two DVDs. The firs one is Total Body Cardio Fix. It promises to increase your metabolism and heart rate, even after doing the workout. Lower Fix is meant for working out your lower body, helping you to burn calories and fat. Upper Fix provides resistance training to shape your back, chest, shoulders, abs and arms. Cardio Fix makes your body move more intensively and increases your heart rate. Pilates Fix is responsible for elongating your muscles, strengthening your core, and firming your thighs and hips. Yoga Fix focuses on flexibility, balance, and strength, as well as improves relaxation. Even though the program involves six workouts, they are too short to make your body really start losing fat. You can burn some calories but not fat. The process of burning fat starts only after thirty minutes of cardio, but21 Day Fix offers only five minutes of this important workout.

You will also receive a Shakeology shaker cup and seven color-coded containers, which are expected to help you support portion control. These include: Purple: Fruit, Green: Vegetables, Red: Protein, Blue: Healthy Fats and Cheese, Yellow: Carbohydrates, Orange: Seeds and Oils, Shakeology Shaker Cup: Drinks. In addition, you will receive the 21 Day Fix Start guide and calendar, as well as four bonus gifts, namely 21 Day Fix Eating Plan (a guide that simplifies portion control), 3 Day Quick Fix (makes you lose weight in 72 hours, 24/7 Online Support (access to weight loss specialist and other users) Dirty 30 Workout (four fat-burning exercises to increase strength and shape your body). To better understand what kind of experience real users used to have with the program, let us take a look at their online reviews.

One customer writes that she ordered the 21 day fix package and received it with no problems. But by the next month, her husband's card was charged for about 100 dollars. The man contacted the company and told them that he did not authorize them to take money out of his account. He told them to cancel the order of the pills they shipped out, as they said. They received them afterwards but this experience was very unpleasant and they just cancelled the account and shipment. It is better not to give your credit card number to the staff of the company to avoid unauthorized charges for services and items not ordered. Avoid ordering by phone, you should have a paper copy of your order. Here are actual customers' testimonials online.

"It took nine months to stop 21 DayFix billing us for things we never ordered. All in all, my credit card was charged $278.56 and I didn't like it at all. We got the containers and the videos for the portion control, but we never ordered supplies of vitamins that kept coming after numerous requests to stop it. Be careful with this company and don't get sucked in. You can do a similar workout program for free yourself"

"I was going to order 21Day Fix, but I saw several pages of add-ons after the initial page. I tried to cancel my order, but I failed. Even though I had never confirmed my order, I received an email informing that it was on its way. I called the customer service but could not get an English speaking representative. They were on the Bahamas. The supervisor said that I confirmed the order even though I did not. I will never deal with this company again"

"I bought 21 Day Fix but I did not lose a pound with this program. The point is that 30 minutes of workout a day is not enough to start losing weight. I had no opportunity to tick to the nutrition plan, so it did not work for me at all. I have done lots of similar programs but I have not seen the desired results with any. I am going to continue my search"

Where To Buy 21 Day Fix In Stores?

21 Day Fix is available for order at a price of three payments of $20 each month, plus $13 for Express shipping. You can also add Rush shipping for $10. The estimated delivery may take up to seven days based on your location. The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but many customers failed to return their money. They do not sell the product in stores like Amazon, Walmart or GNC.

My Final Summary

21 Day Fix claims to help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days but, according to many customers' reviews, this is not quite so. The program may seem easy to follow as it involves only a 30-minute workout every day, but to gain success you will need to stick to the strict diet. Even though the company offers a 30-day refund policy, the customers report inability to return their money. Overall, this exercise program has a mostly negative online customer reputation. With this said, I cannot recommend 21 Day Fix program. You should look for a more helpful fitness program created by knowledgeable professionals.

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