Understanding M1GS and How to Get Involved

Ever wondered what M1GS stands for and how you can play your part? M1GS, or May 1st General Strike, is a significant event calling for collective action in various forms. Here's your guide to understanding and participating.

M1GS was initiated by Occupy in November, and it gained support from various organizations, unions, and radical left groups in and around the area. The objective is to have a General Strike, even if individuals can't officially strike. This can be achieved through actions like calling in sick to work or participating in school walkouts. Disrupting the flow of capital on May Day is also a key part of the plan.

On May Day, people traditionally take the day off for immigrant rights marches. This year, it's going to be different. Instead of just marching from point A to point B, there's a plan to converge on downtown from four distinct points: NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST. The goal is to make a powerful statement against the injustices immigrants and various marginalized groups face in this country.

What happens on the day? You can locate a "Wind" near you, with each Wind consisting of caravans, known as MAYDAY MOBILES, which include decorated cars, vans, bicycles, and more. The goal is to reach CRITICAL MASS with a variety of vehicles, and people are encouraged to commit to bringing their transportation to a chosen Wind and giving rides on the day. Each Wind starts in the late morning, parks nearby, and converges on foot at a central point for further actions.

Committing to a Wind in advance is crucial, and you can find planning teams for each Wind on various platforms. Details for the North are still being planned.

After the convergence, the Mayday group will join the Southern Californian Immigration Coalition March, allowing time to enjoy music, food, and cause financial disruption before an Occupy hosted General Assembly.

As we approach M1GS, times and locations may change, so stay updated through official channels. Regardless of changes, your involvement and commitment are crucial. Your support is valued and appreciated!

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