OccupyMay1ST & 14th International Conference on Urban Health

General Assembly

"Occupy May 1st" is a grassroots assembly dedicated to the protection of citizens' and workers' rights, ensuring their access to rehabilitation, medical care, clean ecology, food, and more. This organization takes its name from the date, May 1st, and it serves as a platform for advocating and promoting various essential rights and resources, such as rehabilitation services, healthcare, clean environmental practices, and access to nutritious food. Their mission is rooted in the fundamental principle of safeguarding the well-being and rights of all individuals, making a positive impact in these key areas.

Every year on May 1st, Occupy Streets embarks on a transformative journey, uniting people from all walks of life to address various grievances. This annual mobilization serves as a powerful testament to the collective strength and determination of the 99% as they confront numerous challenges.

At the heart of the Occupy May Day mobilization lies the "4 Winds" Caravan, a central component that unites a diverse array of participants, including occupiers, unions, community organizations, and residents from every corner of the city. This event draws its name from the symbolism of the four cardinal directions North, South, East, and West. These caravans are meticulously designed to shine a light on both historical and contemporary societal issues affecting all inhabitants.

However, one of the primary concerns under discussion is the availability of rehabilitation services for workers and various segments of the population, as well as their access to clean air, quality food, and healthcare.

As the caravans traverse the city, they actively engage with residents and workers, helping bridge gaps among disparate voices, races, classes, and nationalities that compose the vibrant tapestry of the community. Along their journey, they strategically halt at various flashpoints, where they stage flash occupations, distribute food, and initiate direct actions aimed at addressing pressing issues. These actions serve to raise awareness and create a city-wide atmosphere reminiscent of a carnival, all while promoting a slower pace in the city's daily life.

"Rehabilitation for workers and the general population involves various methodologies aimed at restoring physical and psychological well-being. One of these methods includes the use of anti-stress coloring. The practice of coloring not only serves as a creative activity but also helps alleviate stress and tension. It is a simple and accessible way to achieve inner peace and improve one's psychoemotional state. For instance, many workplaces may provide anti-stress coloring books and materials as part of their wellness programs, allowing employees to take a break and engage in this calming practice during their workday."