Pat Casey: 1939-2005

One of the first great SHW lifters during powerlifting's "Golden Age", Pat Casey (b. 1939) was initially a bodybuilder. An admirer of Marvin Eder, the young Casey enjoyed training heavy on the bench press and by age 17 was already handling over 400 lbs. Not too successful in physique competition however, he would begin training with another noted bencher, Gene Mozee, and placed more emphasis on the power lifts during his senior year.

A complete lifter, Casey was not only the first man to officially bench 600 lbs in powerlifting competition, he was also the first to squat 800 and total 2000. In his much ballyhooed match with top SHW rival Terry Todd in May 1966, Casey benched 596, squatted 775 and deadlifted 635 enroute to an easy victory.

Casey's last big meet was in June 1967 at the Los Angeles YMCA. He did an easy 617.5 bench, missed an 825 squat (made 750), and pulled a 655 dead for a 2025 total. This would be his last meet as a 300+ lber, and would forever guarantee his place in history as one of the greats of powerlifting.

One of the first great SHW lifters during powerlifting's "Golden Age" was Pat Casey (b. 1939), originally a bodybuilder inspired by the likes of Marvin Eder. Even in his youth, Casey displayed a penchant for heavy bench pressing, effortlessly handling over 400 lbs by the age of 17. Despite not finding significant success in physique competitions, Casey redirected his focus during his senior year, training under the guidance of another renowned bencher, Gene Mozee, and placing more emphasis on the power lifts.

A true powerhouse, Casey etched his name in powerlifting history by becoming the first man to officially bench 600 lbs in competition. His prowess extended beyond the bench press, as he also secured the first-ever 800-lb squat and a total of 2000 lbs. Notably, Casey engaged in a much-anticipated showdown with heavyweight rival Terry Todd in May 1966, where he benched 596, squatted 775, and deadlifted 635 to secure a resounding victory.

Casey's final significant meet occurred in June 1967 at the Los Angeles YMCA. During this event, he effortlessly pressed 617.5 lbs in the bench, encountered a minor setback with a missed 825-lb squat (still managing an impressive 750 lbs), and pulled a robust 655 lbs in the deadlift, resulting in an outstanding 2025 total. This competition marked the end of Casey's era as a 300+ pound lifter, securing his enduring legacy as one of the powerlifting greats. His contributions during powerlifting's "Golden Age" not only set records but also paved the way for future generations of lifters, establishing Pat Casey as an icon in the annals of strength sports.