Marvin Eder's Press Training Regimen

by PAUL WALDMAN / Photos by Frank Giardina

Marvin Eder, known for his remarkable strength and muscular physique, follows a meticulous training regimen to enhance his press. Focused on power development in the press, Marvin adopts a unique approach that emphasizes heavy weights, numerous sets, and low repetitions.

Training Principles

High Volume, Low Reps: Marvin favors a significant number of sets with low repetitions to enhance power in the press. The routine typically involves a maximum of five repetitions in any one set.

Strategic Rest Periods: Marvin incorporates substantial rest intervals between sets, especially during heavy lifting sessions.

Marvin's workout extends beyond the press to include auxiliary exercises, a vital component in his training philosophy. After the pressing routine, he engages in:

  • Dips on Parallel Bars: Eight sets of 10 repetitions with 220 lbs. tied around his waist.
  • Squats: Eight sets of three repetitions with a weight of 500 lbs., focusing on hip and thigh power.
  • Snatching: Ten sets of two or three repetitions to further strengthen key muscle groups.

This comprehensive routine, executed on days dedicated to press improvement, underlines Marvin's belief in employing heavy weights for multiple sets with low repetitions for optimal power gains.

Varied Training Approach

Marvin diversifies his training by incorporating a different routine on the following day. This includes:

  • Dumbbell Presses: Sets of five, performing seven to 10 repetitions with 120 lbs. dumbbells.
  • Supine Presses: Five sets with a weight of 350 lbs., achieving eight repetitions per set.

Remarkably, Marvin distinguishes between standing and supine presses, never incorporating both in the same workout. His commitment to training specificity contributes to his outstanding strength.

Flexible Bodybuilding Routine: On what Marvin vaguely terms his "bodybuilding day," he prioritizes flexibility. Acknowledging that intensive bodybuilding could hinder press improvement, Marvin adapts his routine based on immediate needs and inclinations.

Rest and Calf Work: Marvin emphasizes the importance of rest, structuring his schedule with alternating days of pressing workouts, bodybuilding routines, and essential rest days.

In addition to his outlined exercises, Marvin stresses the significance of calf work, advocating for at least five sets of 40 repetitions. Calves, he believes, function as shock absorbers, crucial for handling heavy weights.

Key Considerations

To maximize pressing ability, Marvin underscores several critical factors:

  • Concentration: Devote exclusive attention to the exercise at hand, ensuring skill development.
  • Diet: Prioritize a diet rich in muscle-building foods such as lean meats, fresh vegetables, eggs, and milk while avoiding fatty foods.
  • Sleep: Obtain sufficient sleep to facilitate the body's rebuilding process, ensuring stronger tissues after each workout.

Marvin Eder's holistic approach to training encapsulates strategic exercises, rest, and dietary considerations, forming the foundation of his outstanding strength and physique.