The Biggest Loser Interactive Fitness Game for Wii, Nintendo DSi and DS

We know what you’re thinking – “The Wii™?? Isn’t that for kids and gamers?” Not anymore. The Biggest Loser is an interactive fitness programme that emulates the competitive and training elements of the hit US show. Just like the show, your goal is to accomplish weight loss milestones through weekly training and exercise challenges. If you succeed in obtaining your weight loss goal, you’ll become the “Biggest Loser”. Lose weight, win challenges and stay above the yellow line!

The Biggest Loser offers numerous interactive features which fully employ the innovative, sensor-driven hardware that only the Wii™ currently offers. Use the Wii Balance Board™ in over 66 exercises including squats, lunges and knee lifts to name a few. As you mirror your trainer’s movements the Wii™ will monitor your movements to help you become more efficient at each exercise. Whether its cardio, upper and lower body workouts or even yoga, you’ll learn proper form and technique in no time.

The Wii™ technology, combined with The Biggest Loser comprehensive workout and diet programmes, will help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle and to feeling great about yourself.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot – you’ll have fun too!

Your Virtual Gym

To get started it’s as easy as grabbing your Wii™ Remote. If you got the Wii Balance Board™, bring that along too. ‘Cause from here on out, these will be your tools of the trade. No need to worry about strapping on awkward devices or using complicated exercise equipment, you’ll be up and sweating in minutes.

The game includes 4 tools to reach your goal:

Fitness Programme, this is where you establish your goals, make a plan and compete for the title of The Biggest Loser. Pick a 4, 8 or 12 week programme and start sweating.

In the Health and Lifestyle Tool you’ll find encouragement and tips from former Biggest Loser contestants and trainers, and some of the best recipes from the Biggest Loser cookbooks.

In the Exercise Routines section you can select from a collection of routines that match your skill level and let you focus on every part of your body. You can also create your own routine that fits your schedule and focuses on your favorite exercises.

In the Challenge Events you’ll take the exercises you’ve learned and put them to the test in a series of fun but competitive challenges against some of the former contestants that you’ve seen on The Biggest Loser show. In Single Exercises, you can find your weakest exercise and conquer it or refine your technique to get the most out of your time.

Here are some additional features you will look forward to:

Choose one of 8 characters as your player. If they look familiar, that’s because they were once contestants on the show. Whether you’re Ali, Amy, Michelle, Drea, Bernie, Pete, Matt, or Jim, one thing’s for certain: you’ll have to work just as hard or harder than they did to become The Biggest Loser of your Wii™ experience.

Start the training exercises in the comforts of your own home. Choose a routine that fits your goals or make your own. From cardio boxing to yoga, pick or customize exercises that keep you motivated.

Undertake fun, but tough, weekly physical challenges and compete against other contestants.

Monitor your caloric intake, receive personal advice and health tips from former contestants, and get valuable access to delicious and healthy recipes.

Track your progress with our virtual calendar. See your progress at any time, review the schedule to plan for your next challenge and weigh-in, or add a friend to your daily workout.

You’ve got the goods. You’ve got what it takes. Now, let’s do this together!

Finding the time to lose weight should never deter you from doing so—especially with the Nintendo DSi and DS.

See how you can stay loyal to your diet – even when you’re on the go!