Marcus Grant

Advisor to WHO Healthy Cities Programme, Director of SHINE (Supporting Healthier Inclusive Urban Environments) Bristol Health Partners, UK (Session Moderator)

Marcus Grant is former Associate Professor and deputy director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments at the University of the West of England (2009 until 2015), where he helped develop the much cited ‘Health Map’; building on the work of Dahlgren and Whitehead. Currently he is a co-director of a team at Bristol Health Partners focussing on bridging the evidence-implementation gap for healthy neighbourhood development in his native city of Bristol. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the new Routledge journal, ‘Cities and Health’, which seeks to develop ‘City Know-how’ from academic knowledge. Marcus has been an independent advisor to the World Health Organisation on healthy urban development for over 15 years. Recent WHO work has involved the ‘New Urban Agenda’ UN Habitat III process and evidence reviews of age-friendly and child-friendly urban environments. Marcus’s background is an urban designer; as such he is chartered member of the Landscape Institute. Marcus was a founding member of the National Institute of Health Research’s Public Health Research scientific board, serving from 2009-2014. Marcus is a fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and a member of the Academy of Urbanism.