Carlos Dora

Carlos Dora

Coordinator, Public Health and the Environment Department, WHO, Switzerland

Dr. Carlos Dora, is a medical doctor and epidemiologist (MD-PhD) by training, Dr. Carlos Dora has a distinguished career in public health and environmental issues. At WHO, he is coordinator of the Unit "Interventions for Healthy Environments" which is part of the Department of Public Health and Environment. In this capacity, he has spearheaded efforts to bring together the various types of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) at the global level, in particular by organising the April 2010 conference in Geneva, which focused on HIA in Cities and HIA in Extractive Industries.

Dr. Dora works on the interface between knowledge and practice. At WHO, he previously developed a programme on the environmental health implications of transport policies, and before that he worked on environmental health problems in Eastern Europe. He has also served as a senior policy analyst at the WHO Director General's office. As part of the WHO transport programme, he has led assessments of the evidence for transport and health links, has analysed economic and policy implications of not taking health into account of those policies, including how the situation may be improved by international law.

Before joining WHO, he worked in environmental epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where his Ph.D. thesis involved a retrospective cohort study on risk factors for cardiovascular disease in developing countries. Before that, he worked in internal medicine, in post-graduate medical training and in the organization of local preventive and health care services in Brazil and the United Kingdom.