Pre Conference Workshops

A number of workshops are planned for Monday 25 September in advance of the conference.

Call for Proposals

Pre-Conference Workshops are full or half-day working sessions that bring together groups of conference registrants only (10-60 people) with the aim of advancing work on a specific project or providing a training experience to conference attendees.

Limited space is available on September 25 for full day (9am-5pm) or half-day (9am-1pm or 1-5pm) workshops. While space and basic audio-visual support will be provided without charge, organizers and participants are responsible for the cost of materials, lunch and coffee-breaks.

Proposals should indicate the following: 

  • Title
  • Names, titles and organizational affiliations of the organizers
  • Background describing the initiative for which the workshop is requested
  • Objectives  of the workshop and how it links to ISUH goals and/or conference themes
  • Brief description of the workshop content and proposed speakers
  • Target audience/participants and numbers (minimum of 10 participants and maximum of 60
  • Duration and preferred date (September 25am/pm/all day; or Sept 26 am)
  • Registration fee (if any)--organizers must cover the costs of food and materials
  • Word limit: maximum 1000 words

Proposals for pre-conference workshops should be emailed to with the Subject line: Pre-conference workshop proposal. Workshops will be selected by the ISUH Secretariat and the conference host.

Confirmed Workshops

How to Write a Great Research Paper, and get Published in a Top Journal

Deirdre Dunne, Environmental Sciences Department, Elsevier, The Netherlands.

Background: Knowing the best way of structuring your paper when writing it, and the most appropriate journal to send it to, really helps in getting your paper accepted. Also understanding how editors and publishers think and what they expect, and knowing how the peer review process works, is invaluable insight into the publishing process.

Results: After attending this workshop, one in the Elsevier Publishing Connect Workshop series, participants will have a clear idea of the steps needed to be taken before starting to write a paper. They will also be able to plan writing manuscripts using the logical step sequence – not the sequence in which the paper will be read. Authors are also made aware of what aspects of their papers Editors and Publishers look at critically, and to ensure that in taking care of these areas, their papers are much more likely to be accepted. Dealing with referees’ comments and the art of polite rebuttal are also described such that these can be used to improve the submitted paper suitably. Sensitive areas such as publishing ethics, plagiarism, duplicate publishing, etc are also clearly explained such that participants have a clear understanding of what is allowed, and what is not permitted.

Conclusions: These insights into the publishing process will enable the participants to be more confident as an author in the world of science publishing, and will help them get their papers published more easily.

Keywords: Publishing, Paper authorship, ethics, journal
This workshop is free to attend.

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